Remember the words which Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, saying, "The LORD your GOD hath given you rest, and hath given you this land." Joshua 1:13

Rev. James Curtis Ward, Jr.

(2014 - present)

Rev. C. L. Dowdy 


Cherry Grove

Rev. Tommy A. Brown


God in His infinite wisdom has sent Pastors to continue His work on earth as leaders of the church body. 
Turner Farm Location: Reverend Jew (1863-1868), Reverend Joe Brown (1869-1873), Reverend Richard Rideout ( ?? ); Ash Grove Location: Reverend Wash Green (1874-1882), Reverend Neil Caruthers (1883-1889).

Cherry Grove Location: 
Reverend Tommy A. Brown (1890-1923), Reverend W. H. Whitaker (1924-1926), Reverend A. F. Murray (1926-1947), Reverend H. W. Turner (1948-1958), Reverend C. L. Dowdy (1959-1988), Reverend David W. Johnson (1989-2013), and Reverend James C Ward, Jr (2014-Present).

Thus, with loyal members and by the grace of God, Cherry Grove will continue to move forward for the cause of Jesus Christ. Cherry Grove’s existence today is a testimony to the Almighty God, who has provided the faith, love, prayers, and Christian laborers of generations past, present and those yet to come.

Rev. David W. Johnson


Rev. H. W. Turner


Rev. A. F. Murray


Our History

Cherry Grove Missionary Baptist Church "story" begins in the early 1800s. In 1843, a small group of Christian people started to worship together. They were a mixed group of Methodist, Church of God, Primitive Baptist and Missionary Baptist and began worship services on the Turner's farm located in the Salem community. They later moved to the Spencer farm still located in the Salem community. The Missionary Baptist members named their church Ash Grove. They were now having services in a log cabin on the Hockett Farm located on Rucker Lane.

On June 12, 1905, this property where the church is now situated was purchased from Mr. T. O. Lillard by the Ash Grove Missionary Baptist Church members. They later renamed the church to "Cherry Grove" because of the many cherry trees that surrounded the land.​​​